Anticipation For Close Racing

Video published by A Formula 1 Channel

In the world of Formula 1, it would seem that the major teams like Ferrari and Mercedes are finding comfort with their 2017 cars. New aerodynamic designs on the front, sides, and especially the incorporation of having a lower wing in the back, and a shark fin concept too.


File:Ferrari SF70H Räikkönen Barcelona Test.jpg

Kimi Räikkönen testing the Ferrari SF70H at Barcelona. 28 February 2017, 11:42.  Photo by Artes Max from Spain, Ferrari SF17-JB / Kimi Räikkönen / GER / Scuderia Ferrari.

With the start of the 2017 F1 season debuting on March 26, fans and media followers of F1 wonder how different the competition will be on the track as compared to last season. According to a news article on, they are anticipating the competition to be “tight at the top.

Everyone expected the Mercedes to be super fast and super reliable straight out of the box – it’s a pattern that has become familiar over recent seasons. What far fewer predicted was that Ferrari would appear to have the measure of the world champions – a feat many thought Red Bull more likely to achieve.

In fact, with their highly innovative SF70H machine the Scuderia ended up first and second on the overall timesheet – and with Kimi Raikkonen’s benchmark notably set on Pirelli’s supersoft tyre, rather than the sticker ultrasoft.

Of course, Ferrari were quick in testing last year and then failed to win a single race, but this year their form has been such that Lewis Hamilton went as far as to suggest they could well be favourites come Melbourne – especially as he believes they have pace in hand. It was a view countered by Sebastian Vettel, who insisted the Silver Arrows are still the team to beat.

And what of Red Bull? As usual the Austrian-owned team were keeping their cards close to their chest, though Daniel Ricciardo echoed the opinion of many who watched trackside when he conceded that they aren’t quite yet on the level of Mercedes and Ferrari.


My prediction regarding the 2017 F1 season is that Ferrari will be serious front runners to challenge Mercedes, including Red Bull Racing, if they can solve their reliability issues before Melbourne.

To me, Formula 1 needs more close racing at the front of the grid because races are more exciting to watch when all the big race teams have a fighting chance of challenging for the checkered flag, including the championship. Once the open wheel grid touches down on the track from down under, with lights turning from red to green, all will be revealed.


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