From Car To Truck: My 90 Second School Video Project Of The”Truckolla”


It was only last year that I wrote a news article / photo essay for The Digital Bullpen about this 2001 Toyota Corolla being transformed into a truck-like design.

Last month, Truckolla Part II picked up where it left off, and finally got the make over that it deserves, according to the owner of Truckolla, Nikola Vlacic.


Toyota Truckolla parked outside a Shell Station on a Sunday morning in Sebring, Florida. This photo was taken the day after the 2017 12 Hours of Sebring, and deep within Sebring’s road course venue, this 01 Corolla made its inaugural debut as the “Truckolla,” and I had a part in the art design of the car — correction, it’s a truck. (Photo by Dan Fisher)



This was my first sketch idea of what the Truckolla ought to look like. Nikola Vlacic wanted a paint design that was simple: black with a red racing stripe. Despite the racing stripe being painted on the opposite side of the car during the project by accident, compared to the sketch — me and everyone else liked the final project anyway because I believe the stripe looks better on the passenger side. (Photo by Dan Fisher)

Now the metamorphosis is complete: Go forth Truckolla, become an automotive legend.


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