About “Motor Man” Dan Fisher

On February 26, 2015, I was admitted to the University of South Florida.  Since then, I chose to major in Mass Communications with a concentration in Magazine-Journalism and have, thus far, completed the Fall 2015 semester and Spring 2016 semester.

I chose automotive journalism as my professional dream career because I love cars, and I want to be the consumer’s advocate.  Whether I am helping my brothers work on a 1973 Plymouth Duster, or watching a television episode of Car and Track hosted by Gordon “Bud” Lindemann (which is who I look up and compare my mentality to), my mind is engaged in wanting to learn all about a vehicle’s stats and dynamics that I want to show the world what I have learned, and why automotive news matters to them.

Soon, I got the chance to write about stories pertaining to automotive journalism in Beginning Reporting class last spring, such as my feature story about legendary drag racer Don “Big Daddy” Garlits (America’s Greatest Drag Racer 84-Years Strong), and a photo essay of my brother’s friend re-designing his 2001 Toyota Corolla into a “truck” (Corolla Turned “Truckolla”).

I briefly wrote for The Oracle last summer from April to June as a volunteer correspondent in sports, and had three stories published in that time frame.  My first paper was a motor sports news article about USF Racing (USF Racing gears up for 2016 season).  The second story was about USF freshman Andrew Perez finding his stride playing for the USF Men’s Baseball Team as a relief pitcher this past season, including the obstacles it took for Perez to make the cut for the first time for his high school baseball team.

Lastly, my third story focused on how former USF women’s basketball player, Courtney Williams, is adjusting to life in the WNBA, after becoming the eighth overall pick by the Phoenix Mercury in the 2016 Draft (which was then my first phone interview as a reporter). The Courtney Williams feature would have to be my favorite sports story that I have written because I remember my sports editor Vincent Portell saying that I have improved a lot in my news story writing.

Because my father needed me for extra help in his home improvement business over the summer, I decided to visit Englewood, FL, to do hands on work while practicing my car writing skills on my internet blog in my spare time.  During my time at The Oracle, I have learned to be a better storyteller by engaging myself to dig deeper in my news reporting, while including facts, examples, and anecdotes in my content, and I am grateful of The Oracle for giving me the opportunity to expand my news writing skills.

Now a senior and expected to graduate in the Fall 2017 semester, seeking a future career as an automotive journalist continues to linger in my mind like the stars up in the evening sky. While I pursue this career goal, I remain committed in diversifying my news writing background by writing stories outside of automotive news such as sports, business and industry news, lifestyle, etc.


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